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To fulfill its mission, the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum maintains three general types of collections, the Permanent Collection, the Federal Property Collection and the Education Collection. The Permanent Collection contains significant historical objects, photographs, archives and books that directly relate to the mission of the Museum and warrant perpetual care, preservation and conservation. The Federal Property Collection contains historical artifacts belonging to the Federal Government that are in the custody and care of the museum as a US Army Museum Activity. The Education Collection contains ultimately expendable items that contribute to the exhibits, research, publicity, and educational programs of the Museum.

The heart and soul of any Museum, including the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum, is embodied in its collections. The Museum collects historical artifacts, clothing, uniforms, equipment, accoutrements, weapons, heraldry, documents, books, maps, vehicles, aircraft, photographs, ephemera and related items pertaining to the Armed Forces of the United States and the civilian/family support of and interaction with those forces from any historical period or era. The Museum also collects foreign items relating to any United States military operations worldwide. Our most sacred trust is to care for the collections in the best possible professional way for the benefit of the public. The Museum staff charged with this responsibility is headed by the Collections Manager who is assisted in specific areas by the Registrar, Arms and Vehicle Conservator, Curators and the Archivist. This Collections Team is responsible for over 17,000 artifacts from regimental insignia and shoulder patches to tanks, artillery and aircraft. The team acquires, accessions, processes, conserves, exhibits, stores, documents, labels, maintains and stores all these items as dictated by professional Museum standards.

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