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Camp Shelby is an active military post for overseas service in the Global War on terrorism. read more


Education Overview

The Mississippi Armed Forces Museum is seeking as much oral history information as possible from Mississippi veterans. If you are interested in beginning a program to interview local veterans in your local area, please visit the Library of Congress Veterans History Project website or contact the Museum.

We are interested in obtaining as many oral histories as possible, so we ask that if you conduct an oral history interview, please send a copy to the Museum where it will be cataloged in the Museum archives.

Also, if you are a veteran or know a veteran interested in participating in an oral history interview, please fill out an Oral History Form
or contact Chad Daniels at 601.558.2306 or for more information.

Museum Programs

Oral History Project


Education Camps


Public education is at the heart of the Mississippi Armed Forces Museum’s mission. The Museum offers a variety of educational programs for children of all ages. The Museum's educational programs actively engage children with hands-on activities, making learning more meaningful.
Teachers throughout Mississippi can choose from a variety of educational programs that will allow them to enhance their curriculum. Touring the Museum is a perfect way for students to become actively engaged as they are immersed into our military’s history. During tours students have the opportunity to take part in a fact-finding quiz or History Hunt. Our Miniatures Wargaming Program offers students the opportunity to learn history while applying critical thinking and mathematics skills. All of these valuable resources are available to teachers at no charge! Contact Us


In addition to the educational programs of students, the Museum also offers educational summer camps for children ages 6-12.

Participants will explore the Museum in depth and learn about military history through hands-on activities involving arts and crafts, artifacts, food, etc. The camps allow children
to learn about patriotism and history, all while having fun in the process!

The Museum's History in the Making summer camp program held each June and July offers children ages 6-12 the opportunity to explore the Museum in depth and learn about history through hands-on activities involving arts and crafts, artifacts, food, etc. History in the Making camp participants will learn about patriotism, the history of Teddy Bears, Victory Gardens, the history of the American flag, and much more! Contact Us

Taking a tour of the Museum immerses students in an interactive learning experience. Students become actively engaged from the time they step onto the Museum grounds. To enhance the learning experience even further, the Museum offers a History Hunt for both elementary and high school students. The History Hunt is a fun and informative way for students to learn as they make their way through the exhibits. As students walk through history, fill-in-the-blank questions help to guide the learning experience. Guided questions are an effective tool for aiding students’ comprehension of the wealth of knowledge they will acquire during the tour. If you are interested in the History Hunt, feel free to download either the High School History Hunt, the Elementary History Hunt, or the Vehicle Park History Hunt.

For more information please contact our Visitor Services Representative, at 601.558.2757 or to schedule a tour.

The Mississippi Armed Forces Museum is pleased to offer students in grades 9-12 a limited number of seats in its War gaming Program. War gaming allows participants the opportunity to learn about a historical battle and apply critical thinking skills and mathematics in the process. High school students with a B average or higher in their history/social studies class with no discipline issues are invited to complete a War gaming Program Application. Prior to each gaming event, a limited number of students will be selected to receive an official invitation to compete. History clubs interested in participating as a team are encouraged to do so; however, each club member participating must meet the criteria to play. For an in-depth explanation on war gaming, please refer to the Welcome to War gaming document found here.